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ARM Prison Outreach (American Rehabilitation Ministries) of Joplin, Missouri, is now partnering with the American Bible Society of New York. ARM has been chosen as the national distribution center for ABS to place Bibles in federal and state prisons in the United States. ARM expects to place a half million Bibles in prisons in 2001.

Joe R. Garman, founder and president of ARM, said, "ARM supporters should feel honored that out of many worthy prison ministries, ARM was selected by the oldest Bible society in America to serve as their national distribution center." The American Bible Society has been sharing Godís Word with the world since 1816. The Bibles they produce are unique. A statement from their website,, says: "We believe the Scriptures speak for themselves; we donít add doctrinal notes or comments." Seventeen different Bible translations are now available through ABS.

ARM Prison Outreach also networks with other national ministries such as Dayspring Cards of Siloam Springs, Arkansas. More than 5 million Christian greeting cards were sent to prisons for inmates to use in 2000. Garman personally teaches 20-24 in-prison seminars a year using the See Through The Scriptures Seminar developed by Crossways International.

Since their inception in May, 1973, ARM has placed more than 1,000 Communion Table Baptistries in state and federal prisons where penitent prisoners can be immersed upon their confession of Christ. A new Collapsible Portable Baptistry was recently introduced at San Quentin State Prison in California where 50 prisoners on Death Row were baptized.

Garman sees the new relationship with the American Bible Society as a natural since one of ARMís ministries is a Bible academy. American Bible Academy currently has 36,000 active inmate students enrolled in free, advanced Bible correspondence courses. ABA has been called "the fastest growing Bible college behind bars." A recent bulletin from the American Bible Society notes, "ARM has a long history of working with inmates by providing correspondence courses." ABA director Joe Welch welcomes the opportunity to enroll new students since a new prison inmate enrolls with ABA every 27 minutes.

ARMís board of directors also recently approved opening branch offices in Mexico City and Saltillo, Mexico, and Havana, Cuba.

After signing the contract with ABS, Garman said, "I thought I had climbed my last mountain, but God has marvelously given us this new and exciting ministry."

American Rehabilitation Ministries can be reached by phone at (417) 781-9100 or by e-mail at Their website is Letters can be mailed to ARM, P. O. Box 1490, Joplin, MO 64802-1490.

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