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August 2011 Update

About ARM's Branch Report
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Women's Island Report
Dear sir Rod Farthing ARM Prison Outreach director:

Thank you very much for your [Ministers' Minute] messages to encourage me and all of ministers in ARM.

For the Church planting we been continue and made people more coming to attend the church, for now the memorial church more people coming so the church building is not enough for attend the church, I need extension the church building for helping people to attend the church soon as possible because this time is rain season .
The group of pastors we prepare for teaching at the communities every month planting together outreach at some provinces near Phnom Penh.

May God continue blessing you

Sath Sokha

Here is a picture of a recent crowd at the church building:
May God continue to bless you.
Sath Sokha.
Editor's note:  Gifts for Women's Island may be sent to:
3127 Hwy K
Salem, MO,  65560. 
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Ansil Harpold is now representing ARM in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio!  Churches and individuals in that area of the USA may contact Ansil through the ARM office in Joplin -- 1-800- CALL ARM.

ARM's Baptistries Around the Globe 
Above is a photo of an ARM portable baptistry being used in Cambodia by Joe Garman. HUNDREDS are being used on mission fields in every corner of the earth!
Last year, we  supplied ELEVEN portable baptistries for jails in Puerto Rico. 
We are investing thousands of dollars in building and donating these units.
If you, your Sunday School class, or your church could sponsor even one of these, that would be terrific.  If you can only make a gift toward this baptistry fund, that would be greatly appreciated, as well.  Thanks for your prayers and support.
Gifts for Baptistries may be sent to:

ARM Baptistries, 3127 Hwy K
Salem, MO 65560
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ARM's Branch Ministry in the Philippines 
Report from Ernesto Alocelja

I.          Baptism: 13

II.         ACCEPTED CHRIST, awaiting permission for baptism: 10

III.        Ernesto and the Christer Youth attended and participated the SAWATA YOUTH CAMP 2011

IV.        The team and VOLUNTEERS assisted by the BACUNGAN CHURCH OF CHRIST CONDUCT Evangelistic night @ BACUNGAN Gymn on may 28, 2011, 5-9 pm

V.         The team and volunteers attended and participate in the Celebration of Bacungan Church of Christ 2nd Anniversary on May 29, 2011, 9-12am. This Church planted by ARM Prison Outreach.

VI.         Ernesto, Elizabeth Alocelja and Darleen Butulan the PALM CONVENTION of the CHURCHES in the 1st District of Cotabato Province.

VII.        Ernesto and some volunteers assisted by Church Leaders in Davao Oriental province conduct  special Bible Exposition in Bagangga Sub Jail on may 21, 2011, 9-10:30am

VIII.       On May 19-22 Ernesto and some volunteers are the resource persons for the 12th Davao Oriental and Surigao Del Sur Convention of the Churches of Christ held in Barangay Alegria, Cateel, and Davao oriental.

IX.        Special Service conducted;

1.       Officiate the committed service for Christian Navarrete @ Navarrete Farm on May 15, 2011, 2pm

2.       Conduct funeral Service for Imelda Estremos Bereave family, friends and love one’s in Mabini Extension, Zone III Digos City.

X.       Special  Gifts given -- 2pcs brand new polo given to Bro. Bandang

1.) 4x8 Tarpaulin donated to SAWATA YOUTH CAMP.

2.) 3x4 Church sign board donated to Tamugan Church of Christ, Marilog district, Calinan, Davao City

3.) OLD and NEWTESTAMENT Bible donated to Cateel Minister.

Jaymark M. Alocelja --ARM Phil. Information Sec.

Approved by:  Ernesto O. Alocelja ARM Chaplain


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News from Mexico
From ARM's Alfredo Jose Aparicio

MY URGENCY this time is to REQUEST YOUR PRAYERS in a very specific matter concerning this ministry.


July 26, a new law was issued in Mexico City. It has to do with “land use.” Let me explain a little. We own our office and run our ministry from an apartment in a housing complex: condominium. This new law states that if we have offices in an area for housing, we must pay a fine of $9,000.00 US Dollars, and spend from 9 to 12 years in jail.


Our apartment is not big. It only has around 200 sq. feet. (It has a very small bathroom, a tiny living room, and two bedrooms). This area serves us to minister in three different ways. We host the Bible Correspondence School, Christian Youth Congress (like Christ In Youth), and Fraternidad de las Iglesias de Cristo en Mexico, A. R.). We started our Bible Correspondence School here in May of 1977, without any trouble at all!


I went to the authorities and talked to them about this matter. Their answer was that I have to buy or rent a specific place designated for offices or services, something like a commercial space. However, these so called commercial areas are very expensive. Rents are very high!  The reason of this new law is because political campaigns are coming up this year and in 2012, and they need lots of Money for their political campaigns. Our taxes are very high already, and now the government wants more money.


The real problem is Money. If we rent, we would have to pay a monthly rent of around $1,526.71 US Dollars. Tenants ask for two rents in the first month. If we bough a proper office space in a commercial area, as required by the City Government, we would have to pay around $211,132.42 US Dollars.


It is Satan who is working hard to stop our ministry. And, this is because we are reaching a lot of people in the Hispanic world! However, we know that God is the Only One Who has all the power to defeat the Devil!


I am so grateful with the Lord to see how He sustains us and makes His Word grow and expand all over the world.  We are amazed to see It reach parts we never imagined It would enter.


It is true, I am puzzled to see our lessons reach the Middle East, as well as to Muslims and to Communist Countries also. We have our lessons on the internet and this is how our lessons are being studied in such countries as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Argelia, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Sudan, Tunes, Syria, Indonesia, Lebanon, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Nepal, Laos, Congo, Angola, and so on. In some countries people are not allowed to receive the normal mail or letters, but the internet has free access. People can read literature on the internet they could not read otherwise. In the old continent, people are reading our lessons and learning about the Bible and God. So, this makes it urgent for us to re-design our materials to make them more attractive on the internet. Our Bible lessons must look different to attract more readers. Besides, our advanced courses are not on the internet yet, and we must work hard on this. My son, Jesser, is working on this project right now. Our goal is to make all of our courses available on the internet for people to download and print them if they like, all over the world.


In our now worldwide ministry, God harvested 72 people in June, who were baptized in Christ. And, 98 of our students graduated of our advanced lessons.


Since we have been putting a lot of emphasis on evangelism in our local congregation, we did not have Sunday School during June, but we went out to evangelize most parts of the city of Cuernavaca. We gathered used clothes, toys, and medicine to have a Christian Festival on the last Sunday in June. We had visitors who were exposed to the Word of God. They heard us through different means of communication, such as plays, music, preaching, and other. Also, they had available free haircuts, medical checkups, and groceries. We were able to hand out 3,280 Chick tracts “Esta fue tu vida”, This used to be your life. Now, let me share with you a letter received in June:


“Dear director, I cannot find the proper words I need to thank you for the great help you have been to me. I destroyed my life and my family’s since I used to use drugs and  drink a lot. I had an excellent job working for the Mexican oil company: Petróleos Mexicanos, where I used to earn around $5,000.00 US Dollars a month. On a weekend, after a party,  I was driving, but I was drunk, and I ran over five people, killing two and badly injured three. I ended up in jail. It was in jail where I started receiving your courses every two weeks. My eyes were opened and I was released. I am free but without Money and withour my family. I hope in God all will be better soon. The Bible is now my treasure. This is now so important to me. I am so grateful to the Lord for putting you in my path…” (Antonio Yañez, Comalcalco, Tabasco, Mexico).


PLEASE HELP US PRAY FOR THE FOLLOWING NEEDS: We need more funds to operate. This is, we get around 2,120 new students every month, and our expenses are $3,650 dollars, only in postal services, which represents almost 80% of our income.


It is so wonderful to see how God takes care of us. Every morning, I walk north of my house to catch public transportation. But, on June 29, I was impelled to walk south instead. An hour later, my wife called me to see how I was doing. She had heard that at the time I went out of the house, people, businesses, and homes were robbed on the side I used to walk. This is another example on how God cares for us.


So, please help us by taking this need to our Mighty Lord in your daily prayers!  With all of my heart, I thank you!


I thank you for your prayers, as I see God’s hand in my life, my family, and the ministry.
Your fellow servant in the ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
Alfredo José Aparicio
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ARM's Branch Ministry in Russia

Report From Dr. Nicholas E. Alyoshin

1. IMMERSIONS. On 24.07.2011 I immersed an aged ethnical Georgian woman to live in Krasnodar. She had run away from Abkhazia during the war between the Abkhazians and the Georgians about 20 years ago.

2. PRISONS. The DOM ARM ministers had this month 11 visits to prisons, prison camps, detention cells, etc. We had also 8 meetings with the relatives of the arrested people to pray with them.  The Moscow patriarch Cyrillus has appointed bishop Herman (Kamalov) to be the deputy (the vicar bishop) of the metropolitan Isidor of Krasnodar Territory. Before this appointment Herman was the rector of the Moscow Patriarchate parish in Rome (Italy). They say, he is connected with the state structures to control the foreign policy of Russia. The official Krasnodar metropoly newspaper (“The Orthodox Voice of Kuban” – in Rus. “Pravoslavniy Golos Kubany”; 2011, Num. 6, p. 3) wrote, that the first big Herman’s action had been the meeting with the priests and orthodox officials to discuss the prison ministry. Herman said, that there were “too many sectarians” in this sphere in Krasnodar Territory. I consider this his panic statement to be the high estimation of the DOM ARM activity.

3. MOSLEMS. The bloody clashes took place in Crimea (Ukraine) between the orthodox idolatric icon-worshipping fanatics, who wanted to erect the huge so called “worshipping crosses” in the places of the ethnical Moslems habitation, and the Ukraine police, which tried to protect the Moslems (mainly – Qirimtatars). In this connection Zair-bey Smedlyaev (the Qirimtatar Mejlis secretary) and Ali-bey Hamzin (the Mejlis foreign department chief) have begun to discuss with me the possibility to re-publish in Crimea our book “Leon the Isaurian” – the theory, history and theology of the iconoclastic Christianity. Zair-bey and Ali-bey think, this book can be a strong spiritual armament against the idolatric icon-worshippers.

4. MISSION  TRIPS. The representatives of our youth ministry (our daughter Nike, her husband Yura, and some other ministry members) are invited to take part in a series of young Christians events in Germany (the youth conference of the German Evangelical Alliance; the one of the World Evangelical Alliance and the one of Christian-Democratic Party). On 21.07.2011 they came to Bad Blankenburg town – the place of the German Evangelical Alliance congresses since 1886 (in the Thuringian Forest, South Thuringia, Germany). Nike and Yura were appointed by the organizers to be the members of the conferences leaders group.

5. MEDITATIONS. I have received from the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR, www.aciar.gov.au) the new issue (March-May 2011) of the journal “Partners in Research for Development”. It depicts the newly inventend system of cooperation between the ACIAR (the organization of the research work, plant breeding, etc), the charity foundations (financing) and the missionary organizations and Christian NGOs (e.g. “World Vision”, having 70 branches in different states; “Hope Worldwide” – 60 branches; “Catholic Relief Services”, etc.). The missions give for the project its’ volunteers to introduce the scientific results into the agriculture of the poor rural communities of Asia, Africa, Oceania; to spread the seeds of the selected varieties and in this process to Evangelize the poor animists and pagans. The system is highly effective. I must note, we use to some extent similar system, operating with the best results of plant breeding to involve the people into our mission work. E.g., I have introduced the new rice variety “Khazar”. Its’ name means the representative of the iconoclastic Christian people of the Turkish languages group, who ruled the Eastern Europe in VIII – X centuries A.D., fighting against the icon-worshippers. Thus, the spreading of this variety is the clear preaching of the iconoclastic Christianity. The known flower breeder Anna Voroshilova (the mother of our daughter’s husband; I immersed her last year) has selected the new variety of iris flower with the name “Mikhail Prokhorov” in order to involve into our activity the famous Russian financial tycoon, who was appointed last month to be the chairman of the “Right Case” party.

6. DIVINE  ACTION. On 10.07.2011 it was the new Russian orthodox holyday – the day of the digging out in 1998 the bones (relics) of the so called “St. Amvrosiy Optinskiy”. This man was one of the elders, honoured by the czar Nicholas II, thus, the named Amvrosiy’s cult is the element of the “doctrine of Nicolaitans” (Rev. 2:6, 15), which now dominates in Moscow Patriarchate. But the Lord says: “the deeds of the Nicolaitans I also hate” (Rev. 2:6). On this day the river ship “Bulgaria”, which was carrying the pilgrims to worship different “st. relics” from Kazan-city to the burial of the ancient town of Bulgar (both – on the banks of Volga-river), fell on the right board and sank in the river – 122 pilgrims were drowned. True is the Word of God: “They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy” (Jonah, 2:8), - and they were put into “the belly of hell” (Jonah, 2:2). And this is the Divine Action, indeed!

7. YOUTH  MINISTRY. Our youth ministry in addition to their internet blog (voroshilovs.blogspot.com) has initiated the microblog on Twitter: Twitter (voroshilovs)pulsmd. There in a daily regime they put the information about their German expedition. The influence of our youth ministry in Krasnodar was also hysterically mentioned by the orthodox vicar bishop Herman in his above mentioned article.

8. PUBLIC  RELATIONS. On 04.07.2011 the newspaper “Izvestia” (one of the most influential federal mass media of Russia, published since 1917) printed (and put on its’ internet site) the information about the activity of the above mentioned Anna Voroshilova (Num. 117 – 28378, p. 2).  On 19.07.2011 in Krasnodar I took part in the special meeting with the General Director of the “Potanin Foundation” L.G. Zelkova – I spoke on the DOM ARM activity.

9. REPRESSIONS. The “Izvestia” newspaper issue for 04.07.2011 was captured by the unknown persons in Krasnodar at the newspapers store and liquidated. This issue was not in Krasnodar in free circulation; it was not sold in the newspaper shops. We were to spread the copies of the newspaper, sent to me from Moscow by my sister Nathaly Koff, as well as to use the internet version of the newspaper.  On 06.07.2011 the unknown persons in Moscow made some shots with pistol at the car, in which N. Barshchevskaya (the daughter of the famous Russian lawyer and my sister’s good friend) and her husband were driving.

10. SUPPORT. We received the ARM June support through Max Goins “We-Go” system OK. We also received the e-mails, letters, phone calls of support from Rod Farthing, Max Goins, N.G. Plutenko (all – USA); V. Zhurba (Ukraine); E. Filipyeva, A. Hamzin, Z. Smedlyaev (Crimea, Ukraine); A. Novosyolov (Spain); pastor Doctor Gerhard Leiser (Germany).  The parcels with the journals were received from Switzerland (‘G2W” – “Faith in the 2nd World”, donated by Dr. G. Leiser, 2011,  Num. 7 – 8) and Australia (“Partners in Research for Development”, 2011, March – May).
The DOM ARM Moscow representative – my sister Nathaly Koff – sent to us some boxes with clothes, donated by the women of Western Embassies. We spread among the prisoners more, than 200 items of clothes and about 25 kg of different food.  God bless all the donators and supporters! We love you all!

In Jesus our hope!

Dr. Nicholas E. Alyoshin

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Korean Report
From Sang Ho Kim
Education for the Correction Volunteers –  course for Conflict Resolution.

A seminar for 80 volunteer Correctional during May 30th-31st, 2011 at the Spapia Yoosung, Korea. This program is a new method, "a specialist training program for the restoration of relationship." The correction and reformation activities were previously directed exclusively to prisoners who were aggressors. However, the true restoration is not only the aggressor, but also it is necessary for the victim and society has to participate. It was supported by Co-society fundraisers committee of 2011, and Daejeon was fourth seminar among the five different area of Korea. The volunteers who completed this program received the certificate of the Second Degree of Conflict Resolution and will follow the course of the First Degree certificate later in the year. They will try to prevent to crime and second and third crimes.
The 9th Dream Camp for the children of the prisoners --"Love Touch"-- the faith is touching Jesus' clothing (James 5:25-34)
We are cordially invites you to the Dream Camp and Dream Camp- Fundraisings. The 9th Dream Camp will be held in Norangjin Retreat Center with the various programs and specialists for the all programs from August 8 to August 10 with the theme of "Love Touch." Our goal is 100 sponsor each donating $100. Furthermore, we ask you and your church to pray for this camp.
Churches Inside of Daejeon and Kongjoo Prison

We have worked for the discipleship training at Daejeon Prison and Kongjoo Prison every month since 1996 with 40 long term prisoners. During this program, the "Inside Churches" of two prisons are growing rapidly. The prisoners who completed this program are serving around 30 prisons of the nation-wide because the prisoners are being transferred among the various prisons. We are supporting them with finance, bibles, Christian books and magazines. We has begun to attach the cross badge to the good faithful prisoner since the beginning of this year and we have given this badges 500 prisoners already.

The 12th Revival Mission in Han Ethnic Group in China

I went to China for the 12th Revival Mission in the second week of May. This mission held at the several churches and the seminary and brought to the new spiritual movement in the continental of China. We will continually work and serve this mission for the salvation of China.
The Mission Calendar of July, 2011

7/4 Mt. Bomoon Overnight Prayer Meeting (weekly)
7/5 The Foreign Prisoner Counseling in Daejeon Prison
7/6 Hospital Mission (Daejeon Oriental Hospital and Boram Hospital, weekly)
7/8 Discipleship Leader Training in Kongjoo Prison(20)
7/12 Discipleship Leader Training in Daejeon Prison(18)
7/14 The Nationwide Correctional Counsel Meeting
7/18 Distribution of News Paper (1500)
7/19 The dead line of the application for the Dream Camp
7/26 The prisoner Counseling in Chungjoo Prison, Chungjoo Female Prison
7/31 The comforting festival for the prisoners families
8/8-10 The 9th Dream Camp
Please pray for the prison ministry, organizations; members are looking forward to your active participation.
May God bless You.  Sincerely Yours,
Sang Ho Kim

Rod Farthing, ARM National Development Director rodfar@arm.org
3127 Hwy K, Salem, MO 65560
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