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ARM Prison Outreach International
Branch Ministry Reports
September 2009 Update

This is a baptism in Cambodia using one of ARM's many portable baptistries on the mission field.
See a full report on mission baptistries below.

About ARM's Branch Report
These summaries from the leaders of ARM's foreign branch ministries are intended to encourage the reader and stimulate prayer. Note the "Quick Link" menu to the left; it will aid in navigating DIRECTLY to the article you choose. Feel free to be a selective reader; should you have interest in only one or two of these reports, you can easily select those reports from the "Quick Link" menu. If you want a printable "plain text" version, just reply and tell us! 

In His Service, Rod Farthing. Dev. Director

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ARM's Rapha House
(Homes for Girls) in SE Asia
IMPORTANT NOTE: With the wonderful growth of the work at Rapha, we will once again be including updates in this foreign report!  However, be advised that due to the sensitive nature of our work, there will be no photos of the girls or details that could compromise security.  Thanks for understanding.
Here is a great essay from Kerry Decker, Director of our Rapha Freedom Foundation:

The Myth of the Rescued Child
There's a myth that perpetually circulates in human trafficking circles. And it's just as prevalent as those pesky urban legends. It's the "Myth of the Rescued Child."
Humanitarians and agencies often innocently purvey this myth whenever they recount their statistics of the number of children that they've rescued. Recently, I read a newspaper article of one humanitarian who has rescued thousands of children. Again I thought of the "Myth of the Rescued Child."
Don't get me wrong. I applaud every humanitarian in the fight. I am happy for every child who is rescued from a brothel. But I wonder what happens next. What happens once all the publicity fades? Now that's the real story.
If a child is returned to a dangerous or highly dysfunctional family, if a child is shown to some revolving door that leads back to bondage, or if a child is placed in some sub-standard shelter and warehoused for a few weeks or months without adequate preparation to remain free, then can we honestly chalk this up as a win?
I think that the only worthy goal in this fight against human trafficking is helping children to remain free long-term. To do this we must provide rescued children with quality shelters, programs that prepare them for independent living, and re-entry strategies that helps them to find sufficient economic opportunity in order to stand on their own. Now that's something to get excited out.
Guiding trafficked and exploited children to long-term freedom is what we do at Rapha House. It doesn't capture as many headlines. But I think it's worth it. And I think most rescued children would agree.

In my anguish I cried to the LORD, and he answered by setting me free.   Psalm 118:5

We also encourage all of you to write to Stephanie Freed (
sfreed@arm.org) -- USA Director of Rapha House, or Kerry Decker (raphahouse@pacbell.net) Dir. of the Rapha House Freedom Foundation, and request their email and/or postal updates. You may also go to www.freedomforgirls.org

Gifts for Rapha may be sent to:

ARM-Rapha, 3127 Hwy K
Salem, MO 65560

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ARM's Mission Baptries Around the Globe
Over the years, ARM has donated hundreds of baptistries to mission fields around the world.  Just in the last few issues of this report, you've seen such units used in Mexico, Cuba, the Philippines, and Cambodia.
This year ARM has sent ten baptistries to mission fields in Haiti, India, Cuba, Myanamar, Australia, and the Philippines -- just to name a few.
At the current time, we need sponsors for all these baptistries.  At $795 per unit, we have invested $7,950 into this program just in 2009 so that those coming to Christ overseas can be immersed in obedience to the Gospel. 
If you, your Sunday School class, or your church could sponsor even one of these, that would be terrific.  If you can only make a gift toward this baptistry fund, that would be greatly appreciated as well.  Thanks for your prayers and support.
Gifts for Baptistries may be sent to:

ARM Baptistries, 3127 Hwy K
Salem, MO 65560
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ARM's Branch Ministry in the Philippines 
Report for July from Ernesto Alocelja

I. Baptism:       Digos City Female Jail - 5
                       BJMP-Digos City - 8

II. Decisions to be immersed:

     2 @ Rizal, Magsaysay
    19 @ Bacungan, Magsaysay

III. Special Services Conducted:

1. Funeral, Nicrological, and committal service for Geromino Eballe @ Kidapawan Public Cemetery

2. Funeral Service and committal service of Narcisa Regidor @ Digos City Public Cemetery

3. Funeral Service for the bereaved family of Ritchie B. Limbaga @ Biao, Cogon, Digos City.


IV. Special Gathering, Meetings Conducted:

1.      1st Anniversary Celebration of the Church of Christ @ Lion City of Digos.

2.       Evangelistic night @ Dalamuan, Sta. Maria.

3.       Joint Fellowship @ Miral Church of Christ.

4.      The team and volunteers follow up for the regular lecture @ Guihing National High School.

5.      The team officiate the marriage ceremony of Romie and Menchie Lariosa @ El Fernando Resto Bar, Carmen North Cotabato 


V. Donations Received:

47 capsules for hypertension from Balazo clinic

CR cleanser and deodorant from Estremos Family

4 packs of Amlodifine Aforbes from Hirmie T. Cobrado


VI. Donations Given:

1.       2 reading glasses to Mr. & Mrs. Navarette

2.       1 sack ukay2 Clothings to indigent brethren in Kidapawan

3.       27 used clothes to indigent children @ Dalamuan, Sta. Maria

4.       Frame poster given to Baluan Church of Christ, GenSan City

5.       23 pcs. Used clothes given to Julia Landas and Family

6.       14 pcs. Used clothes given to Bibing Miego.


VII. Certificate of Recognitions given to:

1.       Meckelson R. Cedeno

2.       Hon. Councilor Josef Cagas

3.       Br. Genaro Tamonde


VIII. Tarpaulin sign board given to:

1.       I.I.M. GenSan

2.       NOA Church of Christ

3.       Dalamuan Church of Christ

4.       In Memory of Ritchie B. Limbaga

5.       In Memory of Narcisa M. Regidor


IX. Snacks served to BJMP-Digos City inmates

                1.  2 jelly roll

                2.  1 chicken cake

                3.  220 pcs. Home made bread


X. Donations:

1.       Tambourine given to Barayong Church

2.       Used Karaoke given to Bansalan Church

3.       Used Mat given to Bansalan Church

4.       Door Jamb given to Bansalan Church


News from Mexico
From ARM's Associate Evangelist Alfredo José Aparicio
Dear brethren in Christ,
It is so wonderful to see the marvelous work of our Lord, Who protects us in this bad world.  God bless you and your family with this protection wherever you may be!
Please, help us pray because the federal government closed two weeks ago four radio stations that broadcast Biblical programs in the Mexican States of Tabasco and Puebla.  Eight months ago the government closed 9 radio stations in the State of Chiapas for the same reason. The Catholic Church is pushing to not allow programs that are related to the Bible. It is feared a new wave of religious intolerance in Mexico.
God is guiding us in His ministry here in Mexico.  I have shared the Word in seminars, conferences, and Christians Conventions in Mexico City and Monterrey during the summer.
Also, the harvest for our Lord has been great -- 69 of our students were baptized.  118 graduated studying our Bible Courses.  27 inmates in the jail of Henares, Spain started studying our Bible Correspondence Courses.  In July, we planted a Church in Santa Ana Chautempan, State of Tlaxcala, Mexico.  I am grateful to let you know that 14 pastors invited me to a special meeting they had where they gave me recognition for a seminar on Pastoral Psychology I taught them, and which is being so useful to them.  They are serving the Lord with this new tool they have, bringing people to the Lord and serving the Church all around Mexico.
In Ayutla, state of Guerrero, a new mission was started as a consequence of drug dealers pressure.  This is, Román Mora, one of our Bible Correspondence Students, was prohibited to send and/or receive snail mail.  Drug dealers controlled the whole town and no one can do anything unless they allow it.  So, Román and other people got together and are downloading our lessons on the internet.  This is how they started a congregation and meet to go through our lessons.  This whole situation got them together and they are seeking the Lord and His protection is this violent part of Mexico.  The Mexican government is unable to give protection but God is capable of anything!
After a speech I gave recently, a Young lady came up to me and stated that she was very thankful.  Her gratitude was because her father was about to commit suicide, but my materials helped him and he decided to live.  God’s Word changed his life!  Also, this Young lady decided to give her life to Christ!  All in their family are now different and grateful to God for His work in their lives.  They want to serve the Lord with all of their hearts now.  The will start a new congregation soon!
 The following is a testimony from Tomás Baños living in Olinalá, state of Guerrero, Mexico. “I am so grateful to you for the following.  Recently, I traveled to Tlapa to buy groceries, and I came across a tract entitled “Zapatitos” (“Little Shoes.”)  I read it and it made me cry.  Its content was my life.  I, too, would spend my Money with my friends and getting drunk, leaving my family without food and supplies.  Just before meeting some friends in a bar, I read your little booklet.  I decided to change, and did not meet my friends.  I have made myself the promise to take good care of my family and be a good husband and father.  From now on, I want to follow God’s teachings…”
By the way, I am so grateful to Pastor Sam Fisher living in Tyler, Texas, as he has been sending us the Chicks booklets and tracts.  These materials have a very good reception in all Latin America and Hispanics.
Please help me pray for a great need we are going through in this ministry right now. We have an average of 2,678 people enroll in our Bible Correspondence lessons every month.  We are sending a total of 6,000 lessons every month.  All of our courses gather a total of 50 lessons all together.  13 of them are about to run out.  These are,
Getting to know the Bible (10,000 copies would cost $1,426.95 dollars)
The Bible, Human or Divine? (10,000 copies would cost $1,426.95 dollars)
How to Study the Bible (10,000 copies cost $2,218.74 dollars)
Living by the Living Word (10,000 copies cost $984.61 dollars)
The Theme of the Bible (10,000 copies cost $1,426.95 dollars)
The Christian Creed (10,000 copies cost $4,113.61 dollars).
Why am I Called a Sinner? (10,000 copies cost $1,426.95 dollars).
The Greatest Dilemma (10,000 copies cost $1,426.95 dollars)
Jesus: The Road, the Truth, and Life (10,000 copies cost $4,846.15 dollars)
Repentance (10,000 copies cost $1,426.95 dollars)
How can Man Respond to God’s Grace? (10,000 copies cost $1,426.95 dollars)
The Beginning of Your Spiritual Life (10,000 copies cost $4,712.16 dollars)
The Holy Spirit (10,000 copies cost $5,112.10 dollars)
If would help a lot if you could sponsor one of these printings.
I am so grateful due to your prayers on my behalf.  I know you prayed for me when I was sick.  I am doing fine now and I can say I have an excellent health!
Your co-worker in Christ Jesus,
Alfredo José Aparicio

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ARM's Branch Ministry in Russia

Report From Dr. Nicholas E. Alyoshin

 We have no report for August from Brother Nicholas. Please join us in praying for him and his work.

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David O'Grady is now representing ARM in the great Northwest!  Churches and individuals in that area of the USA may contact David through the ARM office in Joplin -- 1-800- CALL ARM.
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