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Frequently Asked Baptistry Questions

Q What is the delivery time from the date that ARM receives the order?

A The normal time is 3-6 weeks.  Depending on workload, this could vary between 1-8 weeks.

Q How much does the baptistry weigh without water?

A About 225 pounds. Two people can move it around the stage area. The following options add some weight to the baptistry: water heater - 10 pounds, steps - 30 pounds and casters - 15 pounds.

Q How much does the Baptistry weigh filled with water?

A With approximately one hundred and forty gallons of water the total weight would be close to 1450 lbs.

Q How long does the heater take to heat the water?

A The 110v heater will raise the temperature about 20 degrees in 5 to 6 hours.

The 220v heater will raise the temperature about 20 degrees in 3 to 4 hours.

Q Does the heater include a pump?

A No.  The water will circulate by convection.  As the water is heated it will rise and pass through the upper drain into the tub and as it cools it will settle to the lower, deep end of the tub and pass through the lower drain back to the heater.

Q Can you leave the lid on while heating the water?

A You should NOT leave the lid on because it is made of wood and could cause the wood to warp. If you want a cover to help retain the heat, we suggest the material used for swimming pool covers.

Q Are units available with casters?

A We can install casters so that one person can roll the unit. There are also caster kits available for Baptistries already shipped.

Q How heavy are the casters and how are they attached?

A They are very heavy duty (3 inches in diameter), attached to the frame of the baptistry, recessed inside of the "kick panel", so they only raise the overall height about 3/4 inch.

Q If we order a Baptistry with casters, can the unit be moved when it is filled with water?

A We do not recommend you move the unit full of water.  It would almost be impossible on carpet.

Q Are steps required to get into the Baptistry?

A Yes, you will need somekind of steps to set on the side or the backside of the unit. The candidate would need to step from the steps, over the edge of the Baptistry, into the shallow end. From there they place their feet into the deep end and sit down.

1. Some churches build or use what they already have available to them.

2. We have steps available that can be stained the same color as the Baptistry. They can be stored

    inside the Baptistry.

3. ARM provides steps for Prison Baptistries.

Q What is necessary to setup your new baptistry?

A If you order a heater with your baptistry, you will need to have an electrician attach a cord to the heater.  Due to length and local codes requirements, we do not include a cord with the baptistry. Other than that, your baptistry is ready to fill and use.

Q Can water be left in the Baptistry for extended periods of time?

A We do not recommend it, but if you need to, please leave the lid off of the unit.  You will also need to use a water treatment to keep water fresh.

Q What methods of payment do you accept?

A Cash, Check, E-Check, Visa/Mastercard Discover Card and American Express.

Q What do I need to know about delivery?

A “Standard Delivery Information” via common carrier:

“Standard Delivery” provides delivery made to the front threshold of the business/home. It is not the driver's responsibility to unload from the truck, however we have found the driver usually is willing to help if needed.  Drivers do not assist with unpacking, set-up or clean up.

Carrier will usually call to notify you of the delivery. Deliveries are made during normal business hours. Extraordinary delivery requirements may create additional delivery charges.

Signature is required for delivery, but before accepting and/or signing for your delivery, please inspect your unit thoroughly.  If the packaging appears to be damaged in any way, please note the damage on the freight bill or refuse the delivery as damaged. If you discover concealed or internal damage after unpacking your unit, please contact us as soon as possible.

Baptistry Tub Dimensions.pdf

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Baptistry Tub Dimensions

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