Portable Baptistry - Original Portable Baptistry - Flat Panel Portable Baptistry-Raised Panel

"The Original"

Communion Table Baptistry

Furniture Quality Oak

(74 L x 34 1/2 W x 39 H)

$1750  $1575

"The Flat Panel"

Communion Table Baptistry

Oak Hardwood Construction

(74 L x 34 1/2 W x 39 H)

$2150  $1935

"The Raised Panel"

Communion Table Baptistry

Solid Oak Hardwood Oak

(74 L x 34 1/2 W x 39 H)

$2450  $2205

Portable Baptistry Tub



(No cabinet)


Click here for dimensions

Standard Features:


Water heater - 110 or 220 volt (factory installed)   


Steps (designed to store inside baptistry)


Casters (factory installed)


Table-top Lectern (stained to match baptistry)


Shipping by truck

        (varies by distance and weight, shipping time is usually 2-5 days)

$250 - $650

TERMS: $1000 Deposit or full amount paid with order:

$1000 or full amount

       (Balance due by time of shipping)

Technical Specs


(74 L x 34 1/2 W x 39 H)

The Original base shipping weight:

275 lbs

Flat Panel base shipping weight:

320 lbs

Raised Panel base shipping weight:

350 lbs

Heater:  110 or 220 volts

Add 10 lbs


Add 30 lbs


Add 15 lbs

Table-top Lectern:

Add 20 lbs

Water Capacity:

Approximately 150 gallons

Time to heat water - 110 volt heater:

4-6 hours for 20 degree rise in temperature

Time to heat water - 220 volt heater:

2-3 hours for 20 degree rise in temperature

Stain Colors

Click here for a quick sample of stain colors (other than medium oak), available from Sherwin-Williams

Collapsible Portable Baptistry Detention Center Baptism Mission Field Baptism

Our Portable baptistries are Hand-crafted of durable oak construction and stained and finished by skilled carpenters.

We have three choices of styles of our Portable Communion Table Baptistries available: The Original, Flat Panel and Raised Panel, shown below.

Options include Heater, Steps, Casters (wheels), Inscription and Lectern.

A popular option is a 110 or 220 volt water heater with an adjustable thermostat, is installed under the tub, so it’s out of sight and it heats by convection, so it is completely silent.  

Baptistry Tub Dimensions.pdf

Printable Order Form

Baptistry Order Form.pdf

Baptistry Tub Dimensions

Stain Colors

Click here for a quick sample of stain colors