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"The Original"

Communion Table Baptistry

Furniture Quality Oak

(74 L x 34 1/2 W x 39 H)

$1750  $1400

"The Flat Panel"

Communion Table Baptistry

Oak Hardwood Contruction

(74 L x 34 1/2 W x 39 H)

$2150  $1720

"The Raised Panel"

Communion Table Baptistry

Solid Oak Hardwood Oak

(74 L x 34 1/2 W x 39 H)

$2450  $1960

Baptistry Tub Side.jpg



(No cabinet)


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Standard Features:


Water heater - 110 or 220 volt (factory installed)   


Steps (designed to store inside baptistry)


Casters (factory installed)


Table-top Lectern (stained to match baptistry)


Shipping by truck

        (varies by distance and weight, shipping time is usually 2-5 days)

$250 - $650

TERMS: $1000 Deposit or full amount paid with order:

$1000 or full amount

        (Balance due by time of shipping)

Technical Specs


(74 L x 34 1/2 W x 39 H)

The Original base shipping weight:

275 lbs

Flat Panel base shipping weight:

320 lbs

Raised Panel base shipping weight:

350 lbs

Heater:  110 or 220 volts

Add 10 lbs


Add 30 lbs


Add 15 lbs

Table-top Lectern:

Add 20 lbs

Water Capacity:

Approximately 150 gallons

Time to heat water:

3-6 hours for 20 degree rise in temperature


Click here for a quick sample of stain colors (other than medium oak), available from Sherwin-Williams

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