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Each quarter, bookstores who are DaySpring Greeting Card customers all across America return their unsold cards to DaySpring for credit. These boxes of returned cards contain beautiful Christian greeting cards for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and other special holiday and all-occasion cards. Usually the returned cards are not matched with envelopes and are not sorted to type.



When DaySpring receives these returns, rather than sorting the cards there, they have teamed up with A.R.M.  to make these returned cards available to prisoners who can use them to keep in touch with their loved ones at home.

The returned cards are shipped to A.R.M. where volunteers sort and package the cards and match them with envelopes. The cards are then sent from A.R.M. directly to the prison chaplains who distribute them to the prisoners who request them.

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1. To create communication between the prisoner and the prison chaplain.

Most prisoners have someone they want to send a card to at Christmas, on birthdays or other special occasions. Unlike us, however, they do not have access to a bookstore or a card shop. By sending cards to the chaplain rather than to the prisoner, the prisoner must then come to the chaplain to receive the cards desired.

This creates communication between the chaplain and the prisoner, and allows the opportunity for witnessing to the prisoners who are not Christians and inviting them to the upcoming chapel services and Bible studies.

2. To get the Word of God into prisoner’s hearts, hands and minds.

Not only does each DaySpring Greeting Card have a Bible verse printed on it, but A.R.M. Volunteers occasionally enclose a Gospel tract, specially written to the prisoner, inside the cards. Even though the inmate may discard the tract, they must at least glance over it to see what it is before throwing it away. At the very least a seed is planted. Many prisoners keep the tract or send it along with the card to their family member, thus spreading the Word of God to even more people.


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