ARM partners with DaySpring, a popular inspirational card supplier, to provide inmates with greeting cards that contain Christian messages for a variety of occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and other important holidays, as well as all-occasion cards.

These cards come from retail outlets around the country that are returned to DaySpring  for credit. DaySpring ships these mismatched cards and envelopes to ARM where they are sorted and packaged for shipment to prison chaplains. This allows inmates to stay in touch with their loved ones at home.

Cards can be ordered online or by printing out and mailing or faxing an order form.

Please Note: All cards must be shipped directly to the correctional facility, and must be ordered in multiples of 25. Cards are free, but there is a packaging and shipping charge of 8 cents per card with a minimum order of 500 cards ($40).

Greeting Cards
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DaySpring Cards
We encourage you to visit our partners at DaySpring for cards and other merchandise.