Communion Table Baptistries

ARM’s communion-table baptistries are handcrafted of durable oak and are finished and stained by skilled craftsmen. Each unit contains a molded fiberglass tank with a seat that holds 150 gallons of water that can be filled and drained with a garden hose.

Three styles are available ‒ the original, the flat panel and the raised panel ‒ as well as a separate fiberglass tub with no cabinet. A number of additional options are available including a factory-installed heater, steps designed to be stored inside the baptistry, factory-installed casters for ease of movement, and a table-top lectern stained to match the baptistry.

Each baptistry is custom-built to your specifications requiring a three- to six-week production schedule. Shipping is by commercial truck line and usually takes two to five days. Two inscriptions are available ‒ IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME or REPENT AND BE BAPTIZED ‒ or you can select no inscription. You also can select from ARM’s most popular medium oak finish or some 30 different stains ‒ ranging from clear to black ‒available from Sherwin Williams. Or you can send in a stain sample or brochure from your local paint store for us to match.

Each unit is lightweight enough to be moved from one location to another by two men, and a locking lid safeguards from accidental entry when the unit is not in use.

Original Communion Table Baptistry

“The Original”
Communion Table Baptistry
Furniture Quality Oak
(74 L x 34 1/2 W x 39 H)
Was: $1750   Sale:  $1575

Flat Panel Communion Table Baptistry

“The Flat Panel”
Communion Table Baptistry
Oak Hardwood Construction
(74 L x 34 1/2 W x 39 H)
Was: $2150  Sale: $1935

Raised Panel Communion Table Baptistry

“The Raised Panel”
Communion Table Baptistry
Solid Oak Hardwood Oak
(74 L x 34 1/2 W x 39 H)
Was: $2450   Sale: $2205

Fiberglass TUB ONLY (No cabinet)
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Stain Colors
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Water Heater: 110 or 220 volts, factory-installed water heater with adjustable thermostat, additional 10-pound shipping weight ‒ $350
External Steps: Additional 30-pound shipping weight ‒ $150
Rolling Casters: Factory installed, additional 15-pound shipping weight ‒ $200
Table-Top Lectern: Additional 20-pound shipping weight ‒ $200
Shipping Cost: Varies by distance and weight ‒ $250 – $650


ARM’s communion-table baptistries can be ordered online or by printing out and mailing or faxing an order form. Please fully complete all required information even if a purchase order will be provided. Your order cannot be processed without a completed order form.  See information below for specifics on costs, ordering and shipping.


With the exception of orders from prisons and the military, a minimum $1,000 deposit is required at the time the order is placed. Once your order is received, ARM will send you a confirmation letter and a projected shipping date. An invoice will be sent to you for any remaining balance, as well as the prepaid delivery costs, on the day the baptistry is shipped, and payment is due within 30 days. Orders for only a fiberglass tub or water heater require payment in full at the time the order is placed.

Delivery is by commercial truck line and they must deliver to a physical location so make sure shipping information is complete and includes an accurate street address. Please include a contact name and phone number for the individual responsible for accepting delivery of the unit. ARM will notify them by phone when the baptistry is shipped.

Any damages should be reported directly to both ARM and the trucking company as soon as possible. ARM will be happy to provide information or assistance if repairs are necessary.


Basic baptistries are free of charge to prisons and jails and no deposit is required. The institution only pays for shipping and any add-ons such as water heaters, table-top lecterns, casters, etc. The unit must be shipped to the correctional facility and will be shipped prepaid. ARM will invoice you at time of shipment for delivery and optional add-on charges and payment is due within 30 days.

Along with the order form please provide a letter on the institution’s letterhead from a person in authority stating that you will accept the baptistry as a gift from ARM Prison Outreach and will be responsible for shipping charges.


The military unit is required to purchase the baptistry, but no deposit is required. ARM will pay shipping costs to any point in the continental United States. The military must arrange for transport outside the United States. ARM will invoice you at time of shipment for any balance due, and payment is due within 30 days.


The mission work is required to purchase the baptistry, and pay for all delivery costs. ARM will invoice you at time of shipment for any balance due, as well as shipping charges, and payment is due within 30 days.


Churches are required to purchase the baptistry and pay all shipping charges. Any balance due on your order is required by the time the baptistry is ready to be shipped, although you may pay the full amount with the initial order if you desire. In addition, ARM will invoice you for freight charges at the time the order is processed, and payment is due prior to shipping your order.

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Frequently Asked Baptistry Questions

Q: How long will it take to receive our baptistry?

A: On average, it takes three to six weeks to construct and ship once an order is received. However, depending on work load, that time frame can be as little as one week or as much as eight weeks. We will notify you of your anticipated shipping date when your completed order is received.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: You may pay by cash, check or e-check, and we also accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards.

Q: How much does the baptistry weigh?

A: An unfilled baptistry weighs about 225 pounds, and can be moved easily by two people, or by one person if casters are installed. Options may add some weight, including the water heater (10 pounds), the steps (30 pounds) and the casters (15 pounds). Once fully filled with about 140 gallons of water, the total weight increases to about 1,450 pounds.

Q: Can water be left in the baptistry for extended periods?

A: We do not recommend it. However, if you need to leave the baptistry filled, please leave the lid off the unit, especially if the heater is on as it will warp the wood, and make sure you use a water treatment chemical to keep the water fresh.

Q: How does the heater work?

A: The heater does not contain a pump. It uses convection heating to warm the water by passing it back and forth through the upper and lower drains. A 110-volt unit will raise the temperature about 20 degrees in five to six hours, while the 220-volt unit takes only three to four hours for a similar rise in temperature. You should not leave the wooden lid on the unit while the heater is operating as it will warp the wood. If you want a cover to help retain the heat, we recommend the material used for swimming pool covers.

Q: What are the benefits of installing casters?

A: Casters will allow one person to move the unfilled unit. The factory-installed casters are three-inch, heavy-duty casters that are attached to the baptistry’s frame. They are recessed inside the “kick panel,” so they only raise the overall height of the unit by about ¾ inch. We recommend that you DO NOT attempt to move a fully filled unit, especially on carpet.

Q: Are external steps necessary?

A: Yes. The candidate needs to step over the edge of the baptistry and into the shallow end requiring some sort of steps on the outside of the unit. ARM’s factory-made steps, which can be stored inside the baptistry and are stained to match the color, are available for a small additional cost. You also may build steps or use existing ones. ARM will provide steps at no cost for prison baptistries.

Q: How much setup is required?

A: If you order a heater, you will need a local electrician to attach a power cord to the unit. ARM does not include a power cord due to the many different state and local code requirements. Other than that, your baptistry is ready to fill and use.

Q: How will my unit be shipped and what do I need to know?

A: Your baptistry will be shipped “Standard Delivery” by common carrier. This provides delivery to the front threshold of the home or business. It is not the driver’s responsibility to unload the unit, but we have the found that the driver is usually willing to help if needed. Drivers do not assist with unpacking, setup or cleanup.

The carrier usually will call in advance to notify you of delivery, which will be made during normal business hours. Extraordinary delivery requirements may create additional charges.

A signature is required for delivery. However, before accepting and/or signing for your delivery, please inspect your unit thoroughly. If the packaging appears to be damaged in any way, please note the damage on the freight bill or refuse the delivery as damaged. If you discover hidden damage or internal damage after your unit is unpacked, please contact us as soon as possible. Digital photos may be helpful to document any damages. 

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