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ARM’s primary mission is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those in prison and to provide resources for those who are preaching and teaching the Gospel in a variety of mission fields. We support this work through donations from individuals, organizations, and our various program partners, as well as through sales of our portable baptistries.

ARM has been constructing high-quality portable baptistries since 1977. These include the original communion table baptistry, which was designed for churches where a permanent baptistry is impractical, as well as a collapsible portable baptistry designed for facilities with less storage space such as jails, portable churches and mission fields. Click on the links below for specifications and costs for each model.

Other resources available to churches include free online study resource materials. There also are opportunities for churches and church members to partner with us through charitable donations, as well as volunteer at our Joplin, Missouri location.

ARM's new 60 second promotional video
ARM’s new 60 second promotional video






Communion Table Baptistries



Communion Table Baptistries


Collapsible Portable Baptistries


Collapsible Portable Baptistries




American Bible Academy Resource Center


ABARC – ABA Resource Center – great study materials online (completely free)




Partner with us with your charitable donations



Volunteer with us


Volunteer with us at our headquarters in Joplin, MO