SOAR: The Way of the Eagles




Within these pages, you are invited to catch a higher vision and soar with new understanding as you discover the many times God refers to His followers as mighty eagles. With such a pronouncement straight from heavenly authority, it is no wonder that man should then recognize this regal raptor as the greatest of all the birds that fill our skies today.

In SOAR - THE WAY OF THE EAGLES you will read about some of the Lord's greatest Eagle Christians from the pages of Scripture, the annals of world history and through the stories of amazing Eagle Christians I know personally, having served in 48 different nations during my ministry. With each chapter paralleling the actual life stages of an eagle and the growth cycle of a Christian, you will learn how to fly in the company of God's faithful.

This book was designed for use in personal inspiration and devotion as well small group studies. I pray you will have as much joy reading about these “Majesties in Motion” as I have had in preaching a hundred sermons about them. Look up, spread your God-given wings, take to the skies and become the Eagle Christian God designed you to be!

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Review by Jeremiah on Amazon, July 15, 2016:

Excellent book!  

I began reading this book this morning, expecting to read only the first chapter due to limited time. Alas, I found that I could not put it down; other tasks simply had to wait. Mr. Garman's personal anecdotes are both fascinating and inspiring. I firmly believe that this book would be of great value to both Christians and seekers, as it is an excellent description of what being a Christian is all about. Read this book, spread your wings, and get ready to Soar!